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    27 . 10 . 14

    Although I was born Vietnamese, Switzerland has always been a second home to me. Having spent most of my childhood there, my first trip back to Switzerland since 2008 was somewhat an emotional one. I had the chance to revisit the places that were once familiar and rekindle with some of my oldest friends. This…


    Patty & Bun

    23 . 10 . 14

    What to do on a rainy day in London? Queue up in the rain for half an hour just to have a bite at one of the yummiest and juiciest burgers in London. Definitely irrational but definitely worth it. I’m trying to eat healthier these days but whenever I crave for some deliciously greasy food,…

    Out & About

    Japan Matsuri

    28 . 09 . 14

    Hello, hello! So yesterday I went to Japan Matsuri, an annual event organised in Trafalgar Square that showcases Japanese culture, food and traditions. I don’t usually go to these crowded cultural festivals but the food line-up was seriously too convincing to miss out – the endless queues in front of each stall was a solid…


    ¡Hola Barcelona!

    17 . 08 . 14

    ¡Hola amigos! This past May, I embarked on a week-long trip to Barcelona to celebrate the end of my exams. It was so much fun getting to experience the many things that this city has to offer: the culture, the food, the entertainment, the weather… Everything was simply perfect! Anyhow, I’ve been travelling a bit these…