Starry Night

by So Capricious


Had a walk down Oxford Street to do some christmas shopping the other day. I was a bit disappointed that they basically kept the same street ornaments as last year. However, considering I didn’t take any pictures last year, it was alright hehe.

Carnaby Street is probably one of my favorite places in London. You can find a lot of quirky shops there. Evidently, during Christmas, you’d also see the most uncommon ornaments there as well. However, I was a bit disappointed this year. I was expecting something event more crazy than the cosmonaut Santa Claus from last year. Oh well, at least kudos for making an effort in changing the decoration!

Along Regent Street, there were are these heavily sponsored decorations from blockbusters. Last year, the whole street was filled with adverts from Narnia’s latest instalment. Well this year, it was Arthur’s Christmas’ turn! The whole commercial side of these decoration kind of ticks me off. But whatever, as long as the streets are decorated so that I can take pictures!

If you have the chance to visit London, you should definitely visit Oxford Street during the Christmas period. I believe that after Boxing Day (26 Dec.), the whole street would be closed and reserved for pedestrians only. Unless you don’t like crowded places, I think that Oxford street would certainly be one of those must go places, just to get a feel of how festive it is! You’ll probably see all these people wearing santa suits, people from coca cola giving out free coca cola cans (duh) and the usual joyful singing and dancing Hare-Krishnas!

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