Scars on 45 Concert

by So Capricious

I went to a small gig near King’s Cross with my flatmate yesterday. Scars on 45 were playing and Dia Frampton was opening for them. I honestly didn’t know any of the acts beforehand but it’s always good fun to try something new. This is why I love living in London, there’s always something new to do everyday! My flatmate was looking forward to seeing Dia, who was a former The Voice Australia contestant. Although we arrived a bit late and unfortunately missed her act, it was still fun – we got to see Scars on 45! Originally from Britain, they apparently are quite big in the US, having had their songs features in many TV Series soundtrack such as Grey’s Anatomy and CSI New York (thank you Wikipedia for your kind wisdom). Scars on 45 band members seemed really friendly and they were pretty good live, they even stayed after the show to hang out with the audience which I thought was really cool.

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Emily Ulrich 10/08/2012 - 13:56

Maybe it’s just the angle, but there’s something mildly Ryan Gosling-esque to the acoustic guitar player. (And I mean this, of course, with every compliment.)

That’s one reason I so anticipate moving out and into a city – you just don’t find that level of diversity and accessibility in small towns. New sights, new adventures, they’re all so exciting.

Mai 13/08/2012 - 13:08

Haha, you’re right! he does give a Ryan Gosling vibe from some of the pics, didn’t notice that before! And I get what you mean, I was living in a pretty small city before moving to London – I love it here! couldn’t ask for anything more :)

Street Fashion Paris 12/08/2012 - 15:49

Very artistic picuture!!! I feel something from it!!! xxx


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