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Hello everyone! I have to once again apologize for my sudden disappearance. Juggling between school work, my part-time job and work scheme applications, I barely have any time left to produce any quality content for the blog. By the time that I’m done with my day, it’s either pitch black outside or no one would be around to help me take my pictures, which is why my plans of updating the blog usually end up out the window… But enough with the excuses. Here’s a quick update – just to prove to you all that I’m still alive!

The weather’s been lovely recently so I decided to leave the boots at home and opt for these ankle strap heels that I got from New Look. Ever since I saw the Alexander Wang Lilya Pumps and the Saint Laurent Paris Escarpin Pump with Ankle Cuff, I’ve become obsessed with pointed toe cap heels and ankle straps but obviously, their price tags aren’t quite ‘student friendly. So when I stumbled across these pair of New Look shoes on ASOS for a mere £19.99 – it was a no brainer, they just HAD to belong to my closet. I also decided that it was time to invest in a lighter jacket and this varsity / baseball one just seemed perfect. Truth be told I do feel like being a cast of an American high school when walking around with it but I just really like the laid back feel that it gives. I got it from eBay and although the seller (link) claims that arms are made out of real leather, I’m rather skeptical about it. Paired it with neutral colours to really make the red stand out. This is how I looked like going to work – nothing too flashy. It’s not an office job so I didn’t have to suit up or anything but I didn’t want to look like a clown when going to work either… Although I probably could.

I’m Wearing

Jacket: eBay
T-Shirt: ASOS
Trousers: Uniqlo
Shoes: New Look

  • http://www.facebook.com/bella.mosqueda.3 Bella Mosqueda

    your shoes are amazing! :)

    Bella – http://sittingwaitingwishin.blogspot.com/

    • http://www.socapricious.com/ Mai

      Thanks Bella :) x.

  • Caroline

    Life always seems to take over doesn’t it?! Loving this outfit. I really want a varsity jacket!

  • evi mili

    nice jacket!love your shoes too!




  • http://twitter.com/ArtisticOdyssey LeeLee

    I loved that you paired a varsity jacket with super chic heels. Fab!

  • lasnhoney

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