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Hi everyone – Mai here, remember me? It’s been almost an eternity since I last posted on this blog but now that my exams are finally out of the way, I am back! If you followed me on Instagram (@socapricious), you would have known that I’ve actually finished a while ago. However, I’ve since started a full-time internship that has been taking a whole chunk of my time, which is why everything has been delayed until now. Excuses aside, let’s kick this off with a whole lot of pictures from my recent photowalk to Little Venice, London.

I’ve been living in London for almost 3 years now but have only managed to visit Little Venice in Maida Vale this past weekend. It’s such a shame that I haven’t gone there earlier on because it may have become my new favourite spot in this city. This residential area of West London has got such a pleasant and soothing feel to it – a stark contrast to the hectic and busy side of London that I’m used to. There, you can find a variety of houses, restaurants, stores and theatres enclosed within boats that are scattered along the waterway as well as many charming terrace cafes, restaurants and pubs on both sides of the canal. If you’re up for some sightseeing, there’s a regular waterbus service that runs from there to the London Zoo and Camden Town that costs from £8 per adult to get to Camden (a bit more to go to the London Zoo). The area is also surrounded by a lot of green spaces, perfect for summer picnics – although make sure you bring an umbrella with you, joke’s been overdone but what do you know, it’s London we’re talking about! It’s really easy to get there. You can just hop on the Bakerloo line and get off at Warwick avenue tube station (yep, the one that a certain Duffy once sang about), located just a couple of minutes away from the canal junction.

Outfit-wise, I’ve been obsessed with all white shoes and have just found the perfect pair. They’re the ASOS Portobello platforms (the white ones may be currently out of stock but they are still available in Black and Bordeaux). I was so close to getting the Vagabond Dioon lace-up boots but was a bit apprehensive about the canvas material that might get dirty easily. I was also eyeing the white ZARA Platform Blucher but when I went to the store to try them on, I realised that the soles were made out of a sort of styrofoam that was going to be rather difficult to clean. And then I saw these bad boys… They had ONE last pair, in a size larger than mine but I ordered them anyways. Couldn’t let this pass! As it turns out, the sizing was perfect, especially if you’re thinking about wearing socks with them. I guess it was just meant to be! The upper part is made of Polyurethane (a.k.a. imitation leather) and contrary to what one would expect, these all whiteys have been rather easy to maintain. They’re extremely comfortable as well due to the massive chunky platform heel. I think this is probably going to be the summer equivalent of my over-worn creepers.

PS: Special thanks to Sech for taking pictures for me!

I’m Wearing

Top : H&M
Shorts : Primark
Shoes : ASOS
Bag : Zara

  • Me Tam

    Happy to see you back. Gorgeous as always.

  • Lucia

    Ah I’ve never been to Little Venice in London, definitely need to go next time. It’s so weird how I’ve never gone because I’ve been to London loads of times!
    Lucia’s Loves

  • http://www.archistas.com/ Maya

    Ooh looks like such a great spot! Definitely going to add that to my *must-see–when-in-london* list :D I always love going to the lesser known places where you can sit and enjoy some nature too
    Love your relaxed outfit! Perfect hit for the start of summer, hope your internship goes well

  • Kate

    These photos are so great. I love your shoes!

  • Meli

    Waouh ! I read your blog since already quite a lot of time and I wanted to say to you that I adore your articles. Your shoes are magnificent, I dream about them at night! I am myself a fashion blogger (I live in France), but I start then on you want to make a tour on my blog does not hesitate! Tchous!

  • karen

    oh my god i am obsessed with your shoes! great blog <3
    -karen from http://streetchictlv.blogspot.co.il/