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by So Capricious

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I’ve always wanted to take my parents out for a nice celebratory dinner when I would receive my first pay-check but seeing that I was living far from home when it happened, that plan sadly never got to be realised. So when they arrived in town, I decided to finally take them somewhere nice for a treat, using my own hard-earned money. I wanted to take them somewhere that had good food, a relaxing environment, and that wouldn’t break the bank. So after hearing so many good things about Burger & Lobster, I decided to take them there for a try. They have a total of 4 branches in London: one in Mayfair, one in Soho, one in Farringdon and a newly opened one in the City. Since they do not take reservations, we picked their newest branch to avoid the queues. It’s conveniently located in the ‘City’, on 1 Bread Street – at the heart of London’s financial district, and right in proximity of the stunning St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was pretty convenient for us to end up there after touring the area.

We arrived at a bit of an odd time so luckily, we got immediately seated as soon as we came in. I have heard my friends telling me that they had to wait up to an hour before they even got a table at the other branches. The staff there was really friendly and polite. They took time to talk us through our options and even offered to take a picture for us.

As for the menu, it is pretty straightforward: for £20, and you can pick between either a whole lobster, a lobster roll or a burger. Alternatively, you can also pay a premium to pick a larger live lobster from the tank to get it cooked and accompanied with unlimited fries and salad. I opted for a whole lobster and I must say that for £20, you get really good value for money. You get a large lobster (either steamed or steamed then grilled) accompanied with a garlic butter sauce, a side of chips, and a side of salad. The most enjoyable part was to dig in and break apart the lobster to get all the meat out. The lobster itself was pretty well cooked. It wasn’t chewy or chalky and the meat didn’t fall apart, which testifies how fresh their ingredients are. At £20 a dish, it might not be a daily meal for someone on a student budget but I would definitely return there whenever I have the chance!

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Lucia 05/08/2013 - 17:10

Food envy!!

Me 05/08/2013 - 19:23

NGON,NGON,NGON … Cam on con gai.

maggie 06/08/2013 - 00:35

omg that looks so incredibly delicious! it’s sooo nice to know that there are people out that like you who treat their parents out just because they made money. :)


Cassie Paige Tejada 07/08/2013 - 09:21

That looks so good!! I’m extremely jealous!

Melisange 19/10/2013 - 15:30

Oh in May! To come on your blog is every time an immense pleasure! Your photos, your dresses it is what I like most. I take advantage of this comment to say to you to what extent I fell in love with your blog, I am in a hurry to see you in new articles!

Kiss, Melisange (toomelicious.wordpress.com)

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