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You know what I think is the worst part about moving houses? Having to sort through your belongings and face the cold truth that you wouldn’t be able to take everything with you. Now that I have finally settled into my new flat, I’m glad that I won’t have to go through this again for a while. I had to leave so many things behind, from shoes, bags, clothes to furniture, and even a whole fridge! Even though I’ve gone through this process countless times already, at the back of my mind, there’s always this underlying assumption that those items may come in handy at some point in the future. The worst part was to let go of my books and academic notes. They have been an integral part of my life for so long that I fear that I would be wasting my tuition and eventually forget all the things that I’ve learned. But then again, I’ve never found myself looking back at my 3rd grade notes about multiplications.

One ‘book’ that I’ve definitely kept with me is this quirky clutch from ASOS. As you can guess from the previous paragraph, I don’t travel light…Luckily for me, this clutch had enough space to store my phone, wallet, keys, and other knick knacks for my day out in Hyde Park. It’s got “Once Upon A Time” engraved on the front to replicate the idea of a fairytale book, how cute is that? Outfit-wise, I’m currently obsessed with this crop top that I recently got from Zara. It’s got a pretty “daring” cut but I paired it with my high-waisted The WhitePepper check midi-skirt to make it wearable in day time. Not sure if it’s the book clutch, the plaid skirt, the glasses or perhaps the combination of all three but I incidentally ended up projecting a sort of librarian vibe…

I’m Wearing

Top : Zara
Skirt : The WhitePepper
Clutch : ASOS
Shoes : New Look

  • Nayah West

    Love this outfit its so cute and lady like :)


  • Stephanie

    that’s a lovely look !! you’re really pretty Ms. Capricious ;)


  • Lucia

    This is one on my favourite outfits from you!
    Lucia xx

  • h

    wow u look really cute and girlish<3

    let's folow each other?




  • Cassie Paige Tejada

    This outfit is so adorable!

  • Tam

    You are adorable in this new look. Love your hairstyle.

  • Marta P

    I just posted a look with the same style of a clutch, but mine is blue. the best thing ever ! http://everydayvoguemk.blogspot.com

  • Marlen

    that book is a clutch?! that is so stinkin’ cute- and i absolutely LOVE this outfit. I love the shape of that crop top- it looks ah-mazing with your full skirt

    xo marlen
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  • http://www.archistas.com/ Maya

    Such a cute look! Really love that skirt and the book makes it so cute! Who would have guessed it’s a clutch! Shame you had to leave things behind while moving but it’s always worth the clean-up. Makes one feel more ‘light’ and ready to start with a clean slate :)

  • http://honeyinmyheels.blogspot.com/ Marquise Christina Brown

    I’m actually the same way with my old school stuff.
    This is a really cute look! Love, love, love, the book clutch.


  • Wioletta Kuprowska
  • Bree

    High heels <3 <3