¡Hola Barcelona!

by So Capricious

SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Montjuic Panorama

¡Hola amigos!

This past May, I embarked on a week-long trip to Barcelona to celebrate the end of my exams. It was so much fun getting to experience the many things that this city has to offer: the culture, the food, the entertainment, the weather… Everything was simply perfect! Anyhow, I’ve been travelling a bit these days to some other places as well, hence why there hasn’t been much activity on the blog but I shall return soon with more pictures to share with you lot! In the mean time, here are some snapshots from my Barcelona trip…

SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Montjuic MNAC
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Montjuic Panorama
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Montjuic Torre De Telecomunicaciones


I remember the last time being here was during a road-trip with my family when I was around 14 and of course, I had no clue how this place was called at the time. I simply remembered that there were many flights of stairs that led to some sort of museum at the top. However, I was determined to return there this time around. After spending 15 minutes with the concierge at my hotel on what seemed to be a never-ending round of Pictionary, I was finally instructed to head over to the Plaça d’Espanya. Once I arrived there, it was exactly as I remembered it. On one side there was the Arenas de Barcelona, a bullring that has now been converted into a shopping centre and on the other side, steps leading up to Montjuic, framed by two gigantic Venetian towers. From the top of Montjuic, you can not only witness a breathtaking panoramic view of Barcelona but also visit the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) and have a wander around the Olympic park. I wished I could have also spent a bit of time in the evening to see some magic fountain light show as well.

SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Ticket
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Mosaic Buildings
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Arches
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Gaudi House
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell PanoramaSoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Tower
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Hill
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Yellow Flowers
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Salamander
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell Salamander
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Park Güell

Park Güell

Park Güell is undoubtedly my favourite touristic spot in Barcelona. I remember coming here the first time and being mesmerised by how colourful and magical everything looked. It was a bit like entering the world of Alice in Wonderland. Whilst we could freely walk around the outside area with the pillars, I ended up having to wait for 2 hours for my allocated time slot to enter the central area with the mosaic houses (therefore, I’d advise buying tickets online in advance rather than showing up on the spot). However, it was still worth the wait. It was as magical as I had experienced in many years ago. Getting to observe all the intricate details that was put into Gaudi’s work was so exciting, from the colour coordination to the shape of the benches that allowed an optimal seating posture… Mind blown!

SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Streets Mutua Universal
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Cathedral
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Casa Batllo
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Alley

Barcelonian Streets

I loved roaming around the streets in Barcelona because the city somehow reminded me about my home country with the old street quarters, waves of motorbikes on the roads and numerous little independent coffee shop at every street corners. OH, and have I mentioned about all the Zara and Mango stores carrying goods at a much cheaper price than in London? Might need to brush up on my spanish and start planning my move here already.

SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : La Sagrada Familia
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : La Sagrada Familia Under Construction
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

What’s a visit to Barcelona without a glimpse of Antonio Gaudi’s most iconic work in progress? The level of detailing absolutely crazy, no other church building in the world comes remotely close to this one in that matter. In fact, whilst construction had began in 1882, it is expected to finish only by 2028… I’ll definitely have to return once again at that point in time to witness its completion.

SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Port
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Lobster Statue
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Port Vell Arches
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Roy Lichstenstein El Cap Barcelona
SoCapricious.com - Barcelona : Port Vell Colombus Statue

The Sea Front

Finally, one of the best part of Barcelona is its sea side… I spent a great part of my time around the Barceloneta, lounging on the beach and savouring yummy seafood dishes. At one point, I actually had seafood Paella for 3 consecutive days! Having spent so much time under the sun, I’ve gotten so tanned that my sandal tan lines haven’t quite disappeared actually…

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