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What to do on a rainy day in London? Queue up in the rain for half an hour just to have a bite at one of the yummiest and juiciest burgers in London. Definitely irrational but definitely worth it.

I’m trying to eat healthier these days but whenever I crave for some deliciously greasy food, Patty & Bun always comes to mind. Their menu is not extensive but does contain the essentials for a really satisfying meal. Usually, I’d go for the Ari Gold but this time round, I ordered a Smokey Robinson. I love the way they give quirky names to their menu items – being an Entourage fan myself, I can’t help but give this place extra points. Aside from the main menu, they’ve also got a special burger that changes on a daily basis. I wish they’d have a larger drinks menu with perhaps some milkshakes thrown into the mix – however that would make the temptation to return on a daily basis too hard to resist…

The presentation is rather basic: paper plates, burger wrapped in paper with sauce leaking everywhere. I’d have to say that it does sound and IS indeed a bit messy to deal with – probably not somewhere to go on a first date. However, it doesn’t matter when it TASTES SO GOOD. I usually find burgers and sandwiches off-putting because of the dreary taste and texture of the buns and fillings. However, Patty & Bun’s fresh ingredients manages to make me question my convictions. Their meat patties are made to order and you can choose to make it either rare, medium rare or well done. A delicious beef patty topped with cheese, salad, bacon, caramelised onion on a brioche bun? Nom Nom Nom! I’m getting hungry as I am typing this right now. Price-wise, I’d say it’s pretty much on par with GBK or Byron’s.

If you’ve never been there I’d definitely recommend. They’ve currently got two branches in London: one in Liverpool Street and one in James Street (near Bond Street). I’ve only been to the James Street one, which itself is quite tiny, holding up to probably 20 people max. As a consequence, queues around meal time tend to form up quickly so try to get there early to avoid the queues. By the time we finished our meal, the people that joined the queue when we got a table were still waiting! Not sure if the wait is intentional to intensify our hunger but whatever it is, their overall recipe is definitely worth the hype.

PS: On a side note, I’ve recently revamped the site with a responsive mobile-friendly interface now (woo!) hence-why I’ve been a bit lazy with the posting but I shall pick up the pace shortly. Meanwhile check this site out on your mobile devices and tell me how it goes!

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