New phone, who dis?

Hello there, I see that you have intentionally or unintentionally stumbled across my blog so let me introduce myself. I’m Mai, a London-based, twenty-something girl with a restless mind, a big appetite and an unfaltering desire to explore the world.

When I’m not creating spreadsheets and making presentation slides at my desk, I’m always on the go. You could either find me strolling down the historic streets of Kreuzberg, looking for the best Currywurst that Berlin has to offer or even hopping through the lovely cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik from store to store, trying out all the gelato flavours that I could find.

I’ll use this platform to document my journey and share with you all a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of my experiences as well as as a glance into my trips and findings throughout London.

Ok, enough about me. I want to hear from you! Do not hesitate to leave any questions or suggestions in the comment section. I’d love to hear about your recommendations on where to visit & eat next!

Let’s work together!

Aside from this blog, I also run an Instagram account showcasing food in London with a following of 20,000+. I’ve worked alongside many restaurants, brands, and PR agencies throughout London to help them promote their brands whilst still giving my audience an unbiased and honest opinion about my experiences.

If you would like to collaborate – please get in touch at: hello@socapricious.com

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